Multi-Sensory Approach to Hebrew

Children relate to their environment through their senses. Everything surrounding them is defined by color, texture, shape, size & smell. Keeping that in mind, Matan offers the Multi-Sensory [...]

In With the In Crowd

This article was originally published in Tablet Magazine, August, 2010 – By following the link to the actual article, you will also find many worthwhile comments. As I write this, kids are [...]

Cause for Celebration

This letter, written by Matan Executive Director Dori Frumin Kirshner, appeared in the Washington Jewish Week on June 16, 2010. “The news of the planned collaboration between Yeshiva [...]

Inclusion and Parshat Ki Tisa

I’ve had the privilege of being involved with Matan since 2001.  Since that time, the organization has changed its tagline multiple times. It began as Matan: the Gift of Jewish learning for [...]

I Am a Person Just Like You

My name is Jacob Artson and I am a person just like you.  I am part of a wonderful Jewish family, I go to our local public high school where I am in regular English and social studies classes, I [...]