As February Ends…

Although Jewish Disability Awareness Month got an extra day thanks the the leap year, we can all agree that 29 days is still not enough time to explore inclusion in the Jewish community. [...]

Ideas for an Interactive Passover Seder

Below is a sample of some interactive ideas that you can do at your Seder this year.  For the complete list of ideas click HERE. 1.  Before the Seder, put a small piece of paper under each [...]

Purim Carnival Social Story

Social Stories are short stories written to help an individual understand and behave appropriately in social situations.  The goal of a Social Story is not to change an individual’s [...]

Parshat Trumah and Moving Forward

Written by Jason Lieberman As a new father, I know there is nothing scarier than your child’s first doctor’s appointment with a specialist.  Unlike visits with the pediatrician, which [...]

Life is Full of Curve Balls

Written by Rabbi Faith Friedman Cantor Originally published on her blog, “Musings: A Little Bit of Everything,” February 24, 2012 I thank God every day. I am blessed with an amazing [...]

One Person at a Time

In my family we like to say we spell our last name with the Jewish spelling. My husband became a Jew by choice after 18 years of marriage (my parents finally got that Jewish son-in-law)! We [...]

Purim Four Square Game

Directions: Download and print the Purim Four Square. Name each Purim symbol correctly and color in its box (each child playing should use a different color).  The person to complete the most [...]

Special Needs and the Jewish Community

Written by Leah Krakinowski Originally published as the cover story in the New Jersey Jewish Standard, February 17, 2012 More than 13.5 million children under the age of 18 in the United States [...]