Who Knows One?!

The song “Who Knows One” is very popular at lots of Passover Seders, but for some kids it can be difficult to keep up and remember which number goes with what. Print Matan’s visual version “Who [...]

Program Spotlight: Temple Beth Or

Written by Irene Bolton, Education Director, Temple Beth Or, Township of Washington, NJ Cohort 1 Participant, Matan Institute for Congregational School Education Directors Something special [...]

Passover Bingo

Passover Bingo is one of our favorite ways to keep kids engaged during the Passover seder. You can give out sheets of stickers for marking the boxes on the bingo boards.  We suggest you make [...]

My Kid, The Jewish Day School Reject

Written by Malina Saval, this article originally appeared in the Huffington Post, April 2, 2012 Thin envelopes in the mail never fail to remind me of senior year in high school, when flimsy [...]

The Ten Plagues

Use this VISUAL GUIDE AND SONG to the ten plagues as you read about them during your family Seder.  Make sure to spill a drop of wine for each plague as it is read!

Seder Plate Matching Games

Teach and reinforce the symbols of the seder plate with these matching games!  Two different versions allow for the same activity to be used with different types of learners. Seder Plate Seder [...]