A Cracked Pot

The following article is a cross post from Comfort in the Midst of Chaos. It is wonderfully significant that a Christian ministry, dedicated to the support of people with disabilities and their [...]

Inclusion: A Double Win for Jewish Camping

Inclusion at camp is not about Chesed, it is about Tzedek. It is not about creating something for “others”; it is about creating the best possible camp community for all.  Hope, Abril and Becca, [...]

Chanukah in a New Light

Written by Lisa Friedman, Matan’s Manager of Social Media and Alumni Networks Chanukah is a festival all about light, centering around the ritual of lighting candles every night for 8 [...]

Lessons in Collaboration

Recently, I participated in a webinar entitled “Inclusion and Sensitivity.” It was impressive not only for the content but for the fact that it was a collaborative effort of the Conservative [...]

Witness What Is Possible

Written by Meredith Polsky, Matan’s Director of Advocacy and Training Three years ago, I called a parent meeting for one of our Matan classes. Most of the children had started with us at age 6. [...]

Including Caily – A Reflection

I am always asked why I fight so hard for inclusion. Why do I care so much? The short answer? I believe that God wants every person to be in this world. The Torah teaches us that people with [...]

Good Will Hunter

Written by Dori Frumin Kirshner, Matan’s Executive Director Another invitation to a bar mitzvah arrived in our mailbox. I envisioned a typical service followed by the usual photo montage [...]