A Tu B’Shevat Taste Test!

Tu B’Shevat, the 15th of Shevat on the Jewish calendar – celebrated this year on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015 – is the day that marks the beginning of a “new year” for trees. This is the [...]

Two Images of Moses

At this time of year, we are beginning the Book of Exodus, the story of our liberation from Egypt.  Amidst all the imagery, drama and power, I am drawn to two conflicting images of Moses. Early [...]

What I Have Learned…

You never know what you’re going to get with Jared. Some days he barely utters a peep as he chews on a straw. Other days, Jared has no interest in sitting with his parents or, for that matter, [...]

Resolve to Increase Inclusion in 2015

Written by Lisa Friedman, Matan’s Manager of Social Media and Alumni Networks To be honest, I’m not usually one for resolutions. I think they tend to become wishful thinking pretty quickly. Maybe [...]