Finding the Gift in Every Student

The following article is excerpted from a post by Cheryl Mizerny on SmartBlog for Education. Click here to read the original article. A slide posted from a presentation at the 2013 National [...]

What We All Lose When We Don’t Include

Written by Shira Hochheimer, a version of this post appeared on the blog of Yeshiva University and the author’s personal blog, Chinuch ENERGY! As a child, I was fortunate to attend a day [...]

The Favorite Student

The following post originally ran on Zeh Lezeh, the blog of the Ruderman Family Foundation. My son, Benji, was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at the age of two and a half. One of the [...]

Inclusion Is Great. Now What?

The following article originally ran on The New Normal, a blog of the NY Jewish Week. We are proud to share this piece here as the author has also been a mentor in our Matan Institutes. The [...]

Where Will You Go From Here?

Written by Lisa Friedman, Matan’s Manager of Social Media and Alumni NetworksJewish Disability Awareness Month may be behind us, but we at Matan know that inclusion is not just a month of [...]