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An Interesting Thing Happened on the Way to Rockmitzvah

Meredith Polsky

Rockmitzvah was really an accident… an accident waiting to happen.  One late evening four years ago, Marc Jacoby was scouring the Craigslist Community pages and fell upon a family in search of a real rock and roll band to perform, with their child, at a Bergen County Bar Mitzvah.  Marc got in contact with the mom, and unbeknownst to any of them, formulated the plan for the first Rockmitzvah.  The family made the trek to a warehouse in Yonkers, where Marc and his rock and roll buddies rehearsed and jammed on a regular basis.  When they all descended upon the cavernous and dusty venue, history was made, a contract was worked out, and a 13 year old man-child made plans for a true rite of passage — to rock out on stage with real touring, major label musicians.

After the event was over and the band was driving home, Jim Weingast, drummer and business manager of the ensemble, coined the term “Rockmitzvah”.  Jeff Reich, bassist and daytime attorney, trademarked the name to be shared by the partners, which included a fourth mentor, Cliff Mays, guitarist, vocalist, composer and educator.  A concept was born, and it has been quite a journey over the last four years.

Rockmitvah’s sole purpose is to integrate the bar/bat mitzvah child, and their friends and family, into the actual performance during their simcha (celebration).  The child is a star for a day, and friends and family members participate musically in a unique event which simply complements the tradition and meaning of this momentous day in the life of a Jewish family.

Because every family is different, and every child is unique, every Rockmitzvah is a custom fit.  This is why Matan and Rockmitzvah fit so well together – and why families with children who face learning challenges seem to be uniquely attracted to the wholesome and intimate entertainment model afforded by Rockmitzvah.  We are proud to be partners with Matan.

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