Resources For Your Purim Celebrations

Matan’s Director of Education, Orlee Krass, has created a number of activities and resources that you can use to enhance your celebrations of Purim with children of all abilities: Purim [...]

The Wonderful Weather!

The weather is a hot (or cold) topic these days!  With the amount of snow we have been having in the Northeast and beyond, why not teach your students some Hebrew words to go along with it?  Here [...]

Passover Seder Tracker

Sometimes the Passover seder can feel a bit long. Here is one activity that will engage children and help make the seder educational for every type of learner.  In the Matan Seder Tracker, [...]

Preparing For Camp

Last summer a Matan professional worked alongside the amazing staff at Ramah Nyack to support a camper with special needs. Today we are sharing an example of what was used to help prepare this [...]

Sometimes It Gets Noisy On Purim

Social Stories are short stories written to help an individual understand and behave appropriately in social situations.  The goal of a Social Story is not to change an individual’s behavior but [...]

Visual Schedule

A visual schedule is an important component for a structured classroom environment. It will assist the student in transitioning independently between activities and environments, and tells the [...]

Who Knows One?!

The song “Who Knows One” is very popular at lots of Passover Seders, but for some kids it can be difficult to keep up and remember which number goes with what. Print Matan’s visual version “Who [...]