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Tami Reiss

Tami Reiss

Tami Reiss is a product strategy leader with 15+ years of experience helping startups, established enterprise companies, and community profit organizations define their product strategy and set up product organizations for scale. She has held many product roles within B2B SaaS organization and consulted with companies such as Humana, Aetna, JPMorgan, TheKnotWW, Cornerstone on Demand among dozens of others which adds to her ability to understand different perspectives and various industries.

Through the partnership with Produx Labs and Insight Partners, Tami acts as CPO-inResidence to help their portfolio companies develop product strategy, communicate to boards, and advise CEOs, CPOs, VPs of Product. On the side, Tami launched Just Not Sorry, a Gmail plug-in used by almost a million people around the globe to write more confident emails.

Tami lives with her husband Nadav and daughter Ruth in Florida, but has spent half her life in LA and NYC. She loves to travel and considers herself a citizen of the world.