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Matan’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Meredith Polsky

Written by Chava Kadosh, Matan Site Supervisor

With the help of Melissa Lader, Director of School Age Special Needs Programs, our lead teacher Morah Jael, and volunteers Schuyler and Layla, the Matan class at the JCC in Manhattan joined in hurricane relief efforts to provide dinner for our neighbors in need. The Matan students baked cookies for the families, and discussed how every person can be like Abraham in giving to those less fortunate then ourselves. While the hurricane has brought much sadness and devastation, our students learned the lesson that sad times present the opportunity for the community to come together to help those in need and engage in Tikkun Olam (reparing the world).

This year, the Matan class, part of the Kulam program at the JCC in Manhattan has been learning bible stories and creating individual, personalized chumashim (bible books). As part of their studies, students were recently introduced to our ancestors, Abraham and Sarah. Bereishit (Genesis) describes Abraham as epitomizing chesed (kindness), and one of the central features of his personality was his unrelenting desire to help others. The Matan class had the opportunity this past Sunday to emulate the Biblical character they have been learning about in giving to victims of hurricane Sandy.

For more information about joining in the JCC in Manhattan hurricane relief efforts please visit:

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