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Matan’s Spring 2018 Webinar Schedule

Our free webinar series continues! Join Rabbi Ruti Regan, Matan’s Rabbinic Disability Scholar in Residence for one, two or all three. Remember to register or request the recording in advance.

May 10: Kosher Inclusion: Feeding Everyone in Your Program

Kashrut policies can complicate food inclusion — but they don’t have to! Kashrut is often much more flexible than people realize. Join us for a discussion of options for accommodating special diets without compromising the need to keep schools and camps kosher.

June 12: Beyond Fidget Spinners: Making Sense of Sensory Strategies in Jewish Education

The conversation about sensory strategies can sometimes be somewhat nonsensical — but it doesn’t have to be. Rabbi Ruti Regan discusses what you might see, what you could try, and why it’s likely to be complicated.

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