Making Sense of Behavior

When we run Matan Institute inclusion training sessions for educators and synagogue professionals, we are frequently asked to provide specific ways to help classroom teachers recognize the [...]

Eating With Intention – Parashat Shemini

You may have heard a joke that goes something like this: God: Do not cook a kid in its mother’s milk. (first found in Exodus 23:19) Moses: OK, God, so keep all meat food away from all dairy food? [...]

Seeing the Ones Who Are Not There

An old disability joke goes: A wheelchair user goes to buy stamps at the post office. She can’t get in because there’s no ramp. She calls to complain. The postmaster says, “That’s ridiculous. We [...]

Bison Have Inclusive Instincts

  This summer, my family took an eight-hour tour of Yellowstone National Park. We saw flora and fauna, smelled sulfur coming from geysers, got rained on, took many photos and heard more [...]