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The Chicken Soup Song!

With the weather outside being surprisingly cold for this time of year what wouldn’t be better then some homemade chicken soup?  The Chicken Soup Song is a tot shabbat/Hebrew school favorite.  Use the adapted material below as you sing the song to provide a hands on experience that is sure to engage many types of learners!


  1. Print one copy of the chicken soup pot
  2. Print two copies of the chicken soup ingredients
  3. Print one copy of the chicken soup song lyrics
  4. Glue song lyrics to the front of a folder.
  5. Cut out soup pot & one set of ingredients.
  6. Glue them inside the folder.
  7. Laminate the completed folder.
  8. Cut out & laminate the 2nd set of ingredients.
  9. Cut out laminated ingredient pieces.
  10. Use Velcro to attach pieces to the matching ingredients inside the folder.
For printable directions click here.
Check back later this week for another way to use this song with your class!


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