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The Matan Institute is Matan’s flagship training program for Jewish professionals.  Matan works with various cohorts of educators, including Education Directors, Early Childhood Educators, teachers, youth group and camp professionals. Each cohort engages in multiple in-person training days (35 hours) and on-line learning, and every participant works with a Matan mentor on specific inclusion goals for the entire length of the Institute (usually 10 months). Based at Matan’s offices in New York City or a specific geographic region, professionals from throughout North America participate.

What People Are Saying About Matan

  • “Prior to working with Matan, the Park Avenue Synagogue Congregational School did not have a program or plan to accommodate learners with varying degrees of special needs. With Matan's help, we identified learners in typical classrooms who would benefit from in-class support. Matan worked with us from start to finish: amending student intake forms, creating classes, reimagining children's success in the classrooms... Matan worked with us every step of the way to make sure we were meeting the needs of every child."

    Jennifer Stern Granowitz
    Jennifer Stern Granowitz Director of the Congregational School at Park Avenue Synagogue, NYC
  • It is truly hard to put into words how important this Matan cohort experience has been for me. Because of Matan, I feel  I have a much better sense of how to reach every learner - and every teacher!

    Charlie Sherman
    Charlie Sherman Head of School, Am Yisrael Conservative Congregation, Buffalo Grove, IL

Institute FAQs

Where do the Matan Institutes take place?

Matan’s national Institutes take place in New York City. Regional Matan Institutes occur in other specific geographic areas where a Federation or group of organizations contract with Matan to provide a locally-based Institute.

Who facilitates the Matan Institutes?

The Matan Institute is created and facilitated by Matan staff. Training sessions, webinars and mentoring are conducted by Matan staff, independent contractors and experts in the field of special education, change theory, community organizing, educational technology and more. All presenters and staff members are carefully vetted by Matan.

How much does participation in a Matan Institute cost?

The current fees for each Matan Institute are always listed at the beginning of the application. Fees vary based on Institute cohort.

How will I know if I've been accepted to a Matan Institute?

You will receive an email 3-4 weeks after your application has been submitted. If we have any questions about your application, you will hear from us sooner.

I am a teacher and my education director is not available to participate in the Matan Institute. Can I still apply?

The Matan Institutes are geared towards Directors and other community leaders who are in a position to affect change on a macro level. Individual circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis, so contact us to discuss this further.

I am an early childhood director. Can I apply to the Matan Institute for Education and Youth Directors?

Each Matan Institute is geared towards a specific cohort. Please contact us to find out the dates for the next Matan Institute geared towards your particular profession.

Is the Matan Institute open to participants from different regions of the country?

The New York City based Matan Institutes are open to participants from across North America. In cases where a Federation or group of organizations contract with Matan to conduct a regional Matan Institute, participants are limited to that particular catchment area.

How can I get a Matan Institute to take place where I live?

Regional Matan Institutes are usually, but not always, initiated by the local Jewish Federation or central agency. If you are a professional or lay leader and are interested in helping to make this happen, please contact us.

How can I get in touch with a Matan staff person to ask a question?

Please email with questions.

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