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Leslie Epstein Pearson

Leslie Epstein Pearson

Leslie Epstein Pearson is a licensed clinical social worker and family therapist for over three decades. For 15 years, she ran a consultation program called Learning Resource Network (LRN) at The Jewish Board, a large mental health agency in New York City. At LRN parents and professionals called her with questions about learning and child development as well as referrals to resources. This work resonated deeply with Leslie as she parented a developmentally disabled child into adulthood where he is now able to live an independent life with minimal supports.

In recent years, she has been working at an out-patient program for adolescents with Eating Disorders, called Back Country Wellness in Greenwich. She is currently the family therapist on staff working to help these families navigate the challenges of having a child with an eating disorder.

In 2019, Leslie became certified by the New York Peace Institute as a mediator for community disputes and in small claims court. This is primarily pro bono work that she is excited about continuing in the years to come.

She also serves on the board of The Lowell School in Queens that educates children with learning issues ages 11-21.