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Many congregational schools across the country have implemented a madrichim (teen assistants) program where teens help teachers in their religious school classrooms. The Matan Institute for Teens is a program designed by Matan experts to teach these madrichim about inclusion and help them fill a critical role in the most effective way possible. 

What is provided with the purchase of the program?

Everything needed to implement The Matan Institute for Teens is contained in the curriculum itself and can be implemented by an education director, teacher or lay leader. 

The curriculum is divided into four units: 

  • Introduction to the Role of Madrichim and Inclusive Thinking
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Child Development/Remembering who is in the Room
  • Problem-Solving and Wrap-up

Each unit has two sessions. Each session should take approximately 45 minutes to complete and follows the same format:

  • Big Ideas
  • Objectives
  • Materials
  • Accessibility Considerations
  • Activities

While the curriculum is intended to be used in full over eight sessions, facilitators can select certain units if they have time limitations preventing them from doing the full training.

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Looking for other ways to maximize the use of this important training program? 

Choose a session to use at a professional development staff meeting, conduct a lesson with teachers and madrichim together or select an activity to demonstrate to your lay leaders how your congregational school is making inclusion a priority.


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What People Are Saying About Matan’s Teen Curriculum

  • I used the Matan curriculum to train my inclusion madrichim that would be providing one-on-one support to students with special needs who were mainstreamed in my typical religious school classes.  The eight lesson plans were well written, dynamic, and easy to implement.  The lessons were engaging and interactive.  The teens enjoyed coming for training and shared deeply from personal and classroom experience during our sessions.  The information was applicable and helpful for their roles as inclusion madrichim.  The training providing a forum and a framework for them to ask questions, workshop situations from their classrooms, and provide feedback to me.  Next year, I am expanding to the training to all of my madrichim in all of my classes.
    Allison Colker
    Allison Colker Education Director at Shaare Torah
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