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Matan: The Early Years

Matan: The Evolution of a Movement


We guide, train, and support Jewish community leaders and educators to provide purposeful, enriching, and inclusive opportunities for people with disabilities and their families.


Matan envisions a world in which all Jewish communities are stronger and more vibrant because people with and without disabilities share meaningful experiences throughout their lives.


Jun 14


Matan’s first virtual event honoring Andrew Solomon and Rachel Kest with a special tribute to Dori Frumin Kirshner.

Nov 14

2019 Event Honorees

Photo of 2019’s three honorees: Emily Perl Kingsley, Max J. Ash and Peter Flom. ⁣

Jul 17

2018 Event Honorees

Photo of 2018’s three honorees: Ed Asner, Liane Carter, and Pamela Schuller. ⁣

Jan 01

Here’s to the Next Five Years!

Over $125,000 is raised at Matan’s annual fundraising dinner and the organization celebrates five years of successful Institutes to change the inclusion landscape in the Jewish community.

Jan 01

200 and Counting

Matan’s 200th Institute participant completes the program.

Jan 01

Birth of an Institute

The Matan Institute, a revamped training model focusing on professional development and mentorship of Jewish leaders, is born.

Jan 01

Looking Back and Moving Forward

An in-depth strategic evaluation is performed in order to assess the impact of the first 10 years and build for Matan’s future.

Jan 01

New Leadership and A Solid Future

Matan hires its first non-founder Executive Director and the organization’s future is secured through a generous multi-year Foundation grant for institutional advancement and planning.

Jan 01

Venturing Into Social Entrepreneurship

The Covenant Foundation awards Matan a 3­-year grant and Meredith is accepted into Joshua Venture Group as part of its inaugural fellowships for Jewish social entrepreneurs.

Jan 01

Beginning with a Need

Meredith Englander Polsky, Dr. Stacy Berrin and Lori Strouch Kolinsky start Matan after it becomes clear that there is a need for a dedicated voice in the Jewish community regarding inclusion.

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