An Intentional Transformation

Rochester’s Jewish community is in the midst of an intentional transformation. The Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester is working with representatives of many of our Jewish institutions [...]

Inclusion: From Intention to Action

Written by Lisa Friedman, Matan’s Manager of Social Media and Alumni Networks In Judaism, intention (kavanah) is most often discussed in relationship to prayer. From the Hebrew root meaning [...]

What You Don’t Know, CAN Hurt You!

This post is a part of our series, Reflections from the Matan Institutes. We are thrilled to feature Jen Vegh, Religious School & Youth Activities Director, Beth El Synagogue Center in New [...]

Our Children Aren’t Broken

Another version of this post originally ran on Jewish Special Needs Education: Removing the Stumbling Block. Do you know Jonathan Mooney? You need to. He’s awesome. He has been the opening [...]

The Matan Institutes

“After attending many conferences, I must say that this was two days of true meaningful, powerful learning. It is obvious that you all spent a lot of time pouring over our intake forms and [...]

Different Styles, Same Goals

Originally published in the New Jersey Jewish Standard, July 27, 2012 Written by Larry Yudelson Participants in the Matan Institute for Congregational School Teachers in Montclair next Sunday [...]

As February Ends…

Although Jewish Disability Awareness Month got an extra day thanks the the leap year, we can all agree that 29 days is still not enough time to explore inclusion in the Jewish community. [...]